for Banks and Financial Service Providers

In any business environment, but particularly in recent years, it often happens that good companies turn bad. No one knows it better than Financial Service Providers. Very often the problems lay not in the industry or business fundamentals but in management issues, lack of financial and business discipline, and lack of focus.

Workout or Turnaround?

Many crisis situations can be avoided by taking timely and appropriate measures. Watching a client slip into a problem loan and a workout, and not being able to do anything is a nightmare for many bankers and financial managers. And what if these clients are many?

In fact you can do something about it! Most crisis situations give their warning signs well in advance. It is not the banker’s job to manage the clients’ business, but the banker can help proactively manage the client’s situation and not allow the business to slip too far.

The team of CTM Bulgaria has extensive banking and business experience and is here to provide support and service in Turnarounds and Transformations. We tailor our service to each individual situation and can deploy our knowledge and skills to help recover the clients’ business.

Talk to us: not every problem loan needs to be a foreclosure!